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Ólixir® Harvest 2022 | Organic EVO 5L | Home System

ólixir®- An antioxidants-rich, organic extra virgin olive oil protecting your loved ones’ cardiovascular health.

Rich in taste and Polyphenols.



Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

At Food for Health® we extract the finest quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We work with Nature, instead of against it. We harness the highest possible levels of antioxidants and polyphenols in our oil. Ólixir™ protects the cardiovascular health of your loved ones with its nutrients.

Health Properties Of ólixir® : High Potency Nutrition Made In Collaboration With Nature.

Our olives are organically grown and harvested early, when they are green. We cold press them within 12 hours through a low-oxygen impact system. We then filter the oil through cellulose panels to remove 100% residues. The end result is ólixir®, our high potency organic extra virgin olive oil. Rich in aromas, taste and above all health boosting nutrients. See how we grow and extract our olives

The key nutritional values and related health properties are:
1. ólixir® protects blood lipids against oxidation because it contains medical concentration of Heart-Healthy antioxidants.
2. It protects cells against oxidative stress because of its high content of Vitamin E.
3. It contributes to reducing cholesterol as it has a high level of healthy monounsaturated fat (Oleic Acid).
4. it has very low acidity which means high quality nutrition.

Aroma And Taste : How To Taste Ólixir® Olive Oil


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil radiates crisp aromas of green olives and green vegetables. In mouth it carries a well-rounded and moderately intense taste. To enjoy ólixir®’s aromas at their best:

1) Pour 3 tablespoons in a glass
2) Warm the glass by holding it in your hand
3) Trap the aromas by covering the top of the glass with your hand
4) Rotate the glass (like a sommelier would do with wine) for 60 seconds or so (while keeping your hands in positions 2 and 3)
5) Bring the glass to your nose and remove your hand only when it is under your nose.
6) Breath in and enjoy the fruitiness of the aroma of ólixir™!


The innovative 5L Bag-in-Box® is the best packaging for both your health and the planet’s

1. Keeps Ólixir®’s health boosting nutrients intact for longer: 1) vacuum-packed 2) light-resistant and 3) heat-resistant.
2. Low carbon footprint: 8x less than a 75cL glass bottle.
3. Low weight.
4. Waste reduction.
5. Recyclable: the BIB is made up of 75% cardboard and 25% plastic, the box can be recycled and the bag can be incinerated with energy recovery.
6. It fits all kitchen cabinets and it is extremely easy to use. Either pour directly onto your food or fill the serving bottle.

Additional information

Weight4.7 kg
Dimensions12.5 × 18.5 × 26 cm
Serving bottle Easy-Flux


Health-boosting nutrition, made in collaboration with nature

Certified organic EU and Switzerland

No pesticides

Rich in Heart-Healthy Polyphenols

Rich in VIT E 

Healthy Monounsaturated Fat

Very low acidity means high quality nutrition

Vegan and Gluten Free