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By Dr Eva Drahovzalova

Indipendent Medical nutritionist

A nutrition plan balanced in healthy fats.

A nutrition plan balanced in healthy fats. 
It is necessary to extend life expectancy and prevent the development of diseases. Indeed, everything is different as we should be consuming more fats which are mono-unsaturated and of better quality.
Are the benefits real?
With an essential content of monounsaturated fatty acids (from olive oil) and a small amount of saturated fatty acids, this diet helps to balance the ratio of omega 3, 6 as well as 9. In addition, with fruits and vegetables, they provide excellent completeness of antioxidants (polyphenols) which help protect against aging-related illnesses.


How long does this diet last?

It is a long-term diet because it is more a lifestyle for self-improvement, both mentally as well as physically. The brain records all our daily habits thus, in order to change them and resume new ones,  it takes time,  a strong will power and a lot of motivation.


Do I need to be followed by a doctor in order to get help?

Eating well today is both a science and an art. You therefore need experience in the field and should learn how to put it into practice. For these reasons, it is highly recommended to consider being followed by a doctor, who can examine you, make a specific and personal assessment with a diagnosis of your health’s state as well as condition and the biological field within which you figure. Regular follow-ups are paramount because it is a personalized therapy that depends on your psychosomatic state, often changing according to lifestyle and different trends.

What are the good basic fats in this diet?
Omega 9 mainly derives from oleic acid.
Omega 3 from rapeseed, flax, sesame and nuts.
Omega 3 from seafood.
Omega 3 from animals feeding on seeds and wild plants.

Extra virgin olive oil
It is a treasure for cardiovascular health due to two main reasons. First, its fatty acid composition is unique compared to other oils. Secondly, it contains specific polyphenols. The fatty acid composition can vary from one region to another and depends on other factors such as the quality of the olives and the art of the master oil man. Quality olive oil is produced from olives selected for generations, according to the characteristics of their particular terroirs in the Mediterranean region.

It is very rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids known for its advantage in not promoting clots unlike saturated and omega-6 acids, which are the most common fatty acids in Western menus.

But olive oils are not just fatty acids. They are also polyphenols, which confer their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, protective as well as beneficial properties especially if the following dosage is respected: 2 tablespoons per day.

What are the benefits of this nutrition?
A contribution in quality fatty acids, rich in micronutrients and antioxidants which protects against aging, oxidative stress as well as frustration

Are there any risks?

Once the intake of fatty acids is adapted to the needs of the organism, there is no risk in following it. On the contrary, it is a varied and balanced diet, rich in nutrients of very high quality.

Can this balanced diet be personal and appropriate? Affirmative, regardless, it is if you want to take care of your health. It is actually the most indicated if you suffer for example from lipid balance disorders (hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, etc.), metabolic syndrome or a history of cardiovascular pathologies. If you are overweight, this diet can also be a great way to achieve a healthy weight.However, If you are already in good health, this will allow you to maintain this optimal state of health for as long as possible.

Can this diet make you gain weight?
This diet is neither high or low calorie nor dietetic. There is no reason to gain weight. It is normally a lifestyle that is supposed to be adopted in the very long term. Therefore, as long as good habits are maintained, nothing can justify weight gain.

When purchasing olive oil, how can I be sure of its good quality.
That is a great question! Indeed, it has been reported that olive oil and, more particularly extra virgin olive oil, has beneficial effects on certain cardiovascular risk factors such as coagulation, platelet aggregation, lipids or even inflammation.
Olive oil is like wine. If it is of good quality and well dosed it treats us otherwise it harms our health.
At the time of purchase, you must pay attention to its provenance, production process, aroma,  low acidity and polyphenol / antioxidant content. Always look for quality products with reassuring certificates.

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