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Nature has all the nutrients our body needs to keep healthy.

How we do it

We don’t add, insert, fortify, optimize or “mess with” Nature, we listen. We work with nature to harness the most nutritionally rich ingredients it has to offer. Science and Nature work together to craft ólixir™, our organic extra virgin olive oil rich in Vitamin E and Antioxidants which actively contribute to your cardiovascular health.

Organic Growing

Pesticides damage our environment and our health, they do not belong in our orchard. We are about making a positive impact on health and the planet, so we follow the strictest organic measures and standards (EU + Switzerland).

Picking timely and respectfully

We pick our olives when they are green, richest in heart-healthy antioxidants. We pick them gently to prevent bruises and protect ólixir’s quality.

Extracting technology to maximize quality

We cold-press our olives using a state-of-the-art extraction process to obtain the highest amount of antioxidants while minimizing oxidation.

Pack to protect

Our packs are specifically designed to protect ólixir and its health boosting properties against light, heat and oxygen.

Daily use within Med Diet

Growing, extracting and delivering a high polyphenols extra virgin olive oil is our Mission. Now it’s on you. Multiple studies have proven that two tablespoons/day (alone or with food) of a high-polyphenols extra virgin olive oil like ólixir contribute to the protection of your blood lipids against oxidation. If you care about your wellbeing then go all the way!

Storing and reciclying

ólixir’s health boosting compounds are as precious as delicate. We recommend you store it away from light, oxygen and heat. Last but not least, please recycle our packs. Detailed instructions here.