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Mastering the science of nature: the ultimate act of respect.


Nature is our mother and main resource, we know and respect its laws


We follow the strictest organic farming standards and measures (EU + Switzerland)

We communicate clearly and only claim health benefits where the body of evidence is wide, meaningful and accepted.

Science by nature

We believe researching the impact natural products have on our body and harnessing the most nutritionally rich ingredients constitute the ultimate act of respect. We learn what our body needs to stay healthy from nutrition science. We master organic agriculture and technology to grow, extract and deliver them intact to you.

OUR TEAM: working with nature to harness the best nutrition

Agriculture was once rooted in respect for Nature. Profit-driven, intense farming resected those roots, contaminating our environment, our food and us with pesticides.

I am Sergio and I am an anti-pesticides militant, organic olive oil producer and founder of Food for Health™. At FFH we believe food should be a source of pleasure and health. For that to be true, we have to work with Nature. Using pesticides is working against it.

We don’t add, insert, fortify, optimize or “mess with” Nature, we listen. We work with nature to harness the most nutritionally rich ingredients it has to offer. Science and Nature work together to craft ólixir, our organic extra virgin olive oil rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants which actively contribute to preserving your cardiovascular health.
And when we work with Nature, it rewards us with delightful aromas and taste! Try to believe.
Sergio Panzarella
Founder and CEO

Caterina Mastrosimone.
Head of field activities

Our Scientific Leadership Team

Rosario Aglieri Rinella
Chief Agronomist (ext. consultant)

Ella Odman
Micro-nutritionist and nutri-therapist (ext. consultant). Visit her website