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The Ólixir Sample Pack.

from Harvest 2021.
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Ólixir is an oil where a drop is enough.

Ólixir is an oil where a drop will rarely be enough.

I admit that I often come home late at night after work. I tend to make small salads and I recognize that with the Ólixir oil, well it allows me to have something really good, just a little bit of salt more, and it is really nice.
I was amazed by the taste and the scent. I really mean it, it was like a shock. I like olive oil in general but this one took me by surprise. I found myself just eagerly waiting to eat some salad or combine with Spanish Ham or toasted bread with tomato and oil, just to enjoy its taste. Bravo for crafting this magical product. Now i cant live without it 🙂
The oil is amazing, I tried both the 2019 and 2020 years. At the taste it has the perfect spiciness and the scent of herbs of Sicily. I recommend it for finishing dishes by exploiting their warmth to release all the scent of this amazing piece of Sicily.

We research and produce the highest quality of Olive Oil in the world.

Ólixir is our commitment to Nature.

Ólixir is our commitment to you.

The Ólixir Process

Intensive Research into Nutrition Science
100% Natural Agriculture with No Pesticides or Additives
Olives Rich in Antioxidants, Grown with Respect
Mediterranean Land, Climate and Knowhow
Protection for your Heart, Health for your Family

Recommended by several nutrition specialists!

Ella Ödman
Nutritionniste en Micronutrition
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Claire-Lise Haldemann
Nutrition & Nutrithérapie
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Dr. Eva Drahovzalova
Médecin Nutritionniste
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