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Ólixir® Harvest 2022 | Organic EVO 3L | Home System

ólixir®- An antioxidants-rich, organic extra virgin olive oil protecting your loved ones’ cardiovascular health.

Rich in taste and Polyphenols.



At Food for Health® we extract the finest quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We work with Nature, instead of against it. We harness the highest possible levels of antioxidants and polyphenols in our oil. Ólixir ® protects the cardiovascular health of your loved ones with its nutrients.

Health Properties Of ólixir®: High Potency Nutrition Made In Collaboration With Nature.
Our olives are organically grown and harvested early, when they are green. We cold press them within 12 hours through a low-oxygen impact system. We then filter the oil through cellulose panels to remove 100% residues. The end result is ólixir®, our high potency organic extra virgin olive oil. Rich in aromas, taste and above all health boosting nutrients. See how we grow our olives and extract our oil .
The key nutritional values ​​and related health properties are:
1. The high concentration of Polyphenol-antioxidants in ólixir® protect blood lipids against oxidation. The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily dose of 20g of olive oil (two tablespoons).
2. It protects cells against oxidative stress because of its high content of Vitamin E.
3. It contributes to reducing cholesterol as it has a high level of healthy monounsaturated fat (Oleic Acid) *
4. it has very low acidity which means high quality nutrition.
*Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated (including monounsaturated) fats in the diet has been shown to lower blood cholesterol.


Olixir®’s bouquet has a fruity aura, opening with elegant notes of green olives, followed by fresh and herbaceous ones of wild herbs and artichoke, ending in a hint of black pepper. In mouth, it’s well rounded and harmonious. The gustative and retro-nasal sensations match and enhance its aromas. It proudly reveals a degree of pleasant bitterness and piquancy witnessing the presence of polyphenols.


The innovative 3L Bag-in-Box® is the best packaging for both your health and the planet’s

1. Keeps Ólixir®’s health boosting nutrients intact for longer: 1) vacuum-packed 2) light-resistant and 3) heat-resistant.
2. Low carbon footprint: 8x less than a 75cL glass bottle.
3. Low weight.
4. Waste reduction.
5. Recyclable: the BIB is made up of 75% cardboard and 25% plastic, the box can be recycled and the bag can be incinerated with energy recovery.
6. It fits all kitchen cabinets and it is extremely easy to use. Either for directly onto your food or fill the serving bottle.

Now with the New Olive Oil Home System with easy flux bottle included. Ensuring your Olixir stays fresh for longer and great ease of use. We recommend to store away from heat and light.


Additional information

Weight3.01 kg
Dimensions8 × 14 × 26 cm
Serving bottle Easy-Flux

Unleash your dishes with aromas and taste, reminiscent of Sunny Sicily

Crisp and fragrant aromas of green olives and green vegetables.

Health-boosting nutrition, made in collaboration with nature

Certified organic EU and Switzerland

No pesticides

Rich in Heart-Healthy Polyphenols 

Rich in VIT E 

Healthy Monounsaturated Fat

Very low acidity means high quality nutrition

Vegan and Gluten Free

*According to EU Regulation N. 432/2012 and ratified in Switzerland in 2016 with law OIDAI (16/12/19) DFI.

Certified organic by the Swiss body Procert AG

We are fully compliant with the strict measures and standards outlined in both the EU regulation 2018/848 and The Swiss Ordinance 910.18 on Organic Farming and Labeling.
ProCert BIO

Health properties externally certified by Analytical, a leading lab for food analysis

Every year, we do what’s in our control to extract the extra virgin olive oil richest in heart-healthy antioxidants, Analyticals’ lab is a key partner to achieve and certify that level.

Hear it for yourself from our consumers

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Ella Ödman. Health Nutritionist and Mum of 3

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Nico Jarry. Senior Manager

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Cristian Mazzoleni. Finance Manager, professional sommelier and father of 2.

Bringing natural occurring antioxidants from our field to your home: maximum care every step of the way

A well-rounded, captivating and moderately intense taste.
We don’t add, insert, fortify, optimize or “mess with” Nature, we listen. We work with nature to harness the most nutritionally rich ingredients it has to offer. Science and Nature work together to craft ólixir™, our organic extra virgin olive oil rich in Vitamin E and Antioxidants which actively contribute to your cardiovascular health.

Organic Growing

Pesticides damage our environment and our health, they do not belong in our orchard. We are about making a positive impact on health and the planet, so we follow the strictest organic measures and standards (EU + Switzerland).

Early harvest

We pick our olives between end September and beg October, when they are 100% green and richest in heart-healthy antioxidants.

Hand Picking

We pick them gently to prevent bruises and protect ólixir’s quality

Controlled temperature

We store the olives at controlled temperature between picking and milling.

Pressing within 12h from picking

When olives are picked they continue breathing for roughly 12h, milling them within that window  is absolutely crucial to maximize organoleptic and nutraceutics properties.

Extracting technology to maximize quality

We cold-press our olives using a state-of-the-art extraction process to obtain the highest amount of antioxidants while minimizing oxidation.

Pack to protect

Our packs are specifically designed to protect ólixir and its health boosting properties against light, heat and oxygen.

Daily use within Mediterranean Diet

Growing, extracting and delivering a high polyphenols extra virgin olive oil is our Mission. Now it’s on you. Multiple studies have proven that two tablespoons/day (alone or with food) of a high-polyphenols extra virgin olive oil like ólixir contribute to the protection of your blood lipids against oxidation. If you care about your wellbeing then go all the way!

Storing and recycling

ólixir’s health boosting compounds are as precious as delicate. We recommend you store it away from light, oxygen and heat. Last but not least, please recycle our packs. Detailed instructions here.