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Nature doesn't need pesticides. It needs perfectionism

With notes of summery tomatoes and fresh herbs, Ólixir™ lends its own fruity aroma and a well rounded taste to any dish – without overpowering the dish itself.

Experience Ólixir™ for yourself today!

Marrying Organic Farming with Nutrition Science to extract Ólixir™

Certified organic EU and Switzerland

No pesticides

Rich in Heart-Healthy Antioxidants*,200+ mg/KG (medical concentration)

3x Richer in VIT E than ordinary olive oils

Healthy Monounsaturated Fat

Vegan and Gluten Free

We don’t add, insert, fortify, optimize or “mess with” Nature. Instead, we listen.

Our Method

Nutrition Science
Organic Farming
Olives rich in antioxidants
Daily use in Mediterranean diet
Active impact on health

Hear it for yourself from Ólixir™ lovers!