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*CARTON* de 4x Ólixir® Récolte 2023 | Huile D’olive Vierge Extra BIO 5L | Home System

ólixir®, une elixir de nutrition faite en collaboration avec la nature. Une huile d’olive vierge extra biologique bénéfique pour ton coeur et ton palais.


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At Food for Health® we work with nature to extract ólixir®extra virgin oil more beneficial for health, than one can.most health-promoting extra virgin oil that we can.OUR PROPERTIES FOR HEALTH: ÓLIXIR ™ , AN ELIXIR MADE IN COLLABORATION WITH NATURE.We cultivate olive trees respecting organic principles. We pick the still green olives and cold squeeze them within 12 hours through a low oxygen system. Then we filter the olive oil through cellulose panels to remove 100% of the residue. Thus, we get ólixir®. Our organic extra virgin olive oil, with a high level of micro-components beneficial to health.Its fundamental nutritional properties are: 1. ólixir® protects blood lipids from oxidation thanks to its medical concentration of cardioprotective antioxidants. 2. it protects cells from oxidative stress through its high content of Vitamin E.3 . it contributes to the reduction of cholesterol thanks to its high level of healthy monounsaturated lipids (Oleic acid)** 4. its very low acidity means high quality nutrition. *the beneficial effect is obtained with a daily dose of 20g of olive oil (~two tablespoons/day) **Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated (including monounsaturated) fats in the diet has been shown to lower blood cholesterol.AROMA AND TASTEIts bouquet expresses vivid and fragrant aromas of green olive and herbs.In the mouth, a round and moderately intense taste.PACKAGING 1. The new Bag-in-Box® is the best packaging for your health and that of the planet. It keeps the nutritional elements intact longer, 1) vacuum 2) opaque to light 3) heat resistant. 2. Reduced carbon impact: 8x less than a 75cl glass bottle 3. Lightweight 4. Reduction of waste 5. To sort: the BIB is composed of 75% cardboard and 25% plastic, the box is recyclable and the bag can be burned recovering energy.

Informations complémentaires

Poids20 kg
Dimensions26.3 × 26.5 × 38.9 cm

Certifiée biologique EU et Suisse

Garantie sans pesticides

Riche en Antioxydants cardioprotecteurs 

Riche en Vitamine E 

​Acides gras monoinsaturés sains

Vegane et sans gluten